General Regulations Duh-Events

General Regulations for all events organized by Duh-Events.

Version 4.0 – edited on 25-02-2019

A. Tickets

1) When signing up for an event or part of it, the participant agrees with the terms and conditions of the organization. All tickets that are being sold will still be property of the organization. When a participant is younger than 18 years old, they need to have authorization by letter from their parents or guardian. Without this authorization the person will be refused entrance to the event.

2) a. Your ticket is transferable to another participant only in agreement between the participant and the organisation. You will receive a pre-check in code which you will have to give to the person that bought your ticket. After activating this pre-check in code it belongs to the one that checked in with it. Activated codes cannot be resold.

b. When selling tickets, it’s forbidden to make a profit. It’s only permitted to sell a ticket for the same or a lower price as it was bought from the organizer.

3) In no case the participant will receive the paid entrance money back when he must leave the terrain. The proof of payment is, as every other ticket, not refundable. Exceptions to this rule are deaths and serious illness in first grade family. As a proof, the doctor statement has to be handed over to the organization. Participants need to have their own travel insurance when they feel the need. Documents needed to present a cancellation to the insurance company can be requested at

4) Participants always need to visibly carry the bracelet as a proof of payment. The organization is authorized to ask for this prove of payment at any time. If a participant can’t show this, he/she needs to pay the ‘at the door’ rate; otherwise he/she has to leave the field. An extra penalty of 25 euros needs to be paid when a participant can’t show the prove of payment.

5) Every participant must be able to identify theirself with a valid passport or ID when asked for by the organisation.

6) When a visitor is denied entry to the venue for whatever reason, in no case will he or she receive a restitution for the paid entry fee.

B. Responsibility

1) Participation is at your own risk. The promoter is not liable for any damage, by whatever name, which the participant may suffer as a result of participation. The organization cannot be taken responsible for loss, theft or damages to personal properties. The participant is always responsible for all detriment inflicted by the participant to the organization, the network, the power, the location, intellectual property, material for hire, chairs, tables, activities, the infrastructure, the car park, other participants and other organizations. Included is damage by connecting a computer or other equipment to the network or power supply provided by the organization.

2) The participant safeguards the organization for all claims from third parties that link to the way a participant used the network during the event. When a participant destroys other participant’s properties, he/she will be removed from the location without a refund and a police statement will be made. The expectation of the organizer is that all participants will behave themselves like they’re supposed to, so that there will be no negative consequences for our partners. Instructions of our crew at the event are to be followed.

3) If, despite the provisions to be adopted in the first paragraph of this Article, the liability of the organizer for damage to the participant, the obligation of the organizer to pay compensation is limited to the maximum amount that the insurer of the organizer to pays respect of that damage.

4) The participant shall indemnify the organizer for damages that third parties may suffer as a result of an attributable to the participant acts or omissions. The participant must be adequately insured against the risk of liability for such damage.

C. Illegal Activities

1) Ownership or usage of weapons of any kind is not allowed. This rule also applies to spud guns, airsoft weapons and paint-ball weapons.

2) Every form of hacking is forbidden. Monitoring the (suspicious) network traffic is one way that the organization uses to execute this rule. Violating this rule will lead to removal of the event without payback of the money paid to participate.

3) The participant is forbidden to take illegal software and/or materials to the event. The participant is always responsible for all software and/or materials brought in by him/her. When distribution of illegal software or other illegal things are ascertained, official instances will be noticed. Violating this rule will lead to removal of the event without payback of the money paid to participate.

4) Cheating is not allowed. The organization always determines what is to be called cheating. Violating this rule will lead to removal of the event without payback of the money paid to participate.

5) The organization is allowed to research violation of the general conditions. Information about the participant or prosecutor and material on the servers and network of the organization can be used in the research. Participant authorizes the organization to work together with a judicial authority in the research to supposed criminal violations, rightful claimants in the research to violation to intellectual property rights and system supervisors of other Internet providers or network- computer facilities to observe the general conditions. By such a cooperation, usernames, IP-addresses or other identifiably information of a participant can be handed over to the rightful claimant.

D. Alcohol/Drugs

1) Alcoholic drinks will be sold at the event. These may only be bought and consumed by people of age 18 and above. A participant that causes nuisance because of alcoholic drinks will be removed from the event without payback of any entrance fee.

2) Usage and sale of any kind of drugs is strictly forbidden. Everyone who violates this rule will be removed from the event without a refund and handed over to the local authorities.

E. Behavior

1) It is not allowed to sell food or other articles (such as hardware, UTP, …) without permission of the organization. Advertisements for commercial businesses are not allowed. Violating this rule will lead to a formal warning, ignoring this warning leads to the removal of the participant from the event without payback of the money paid to participate.

2) Acting in a way that is perceived by others as provocative, threatening or discriminatory, or troublesome, or as a disturbance of the peace is not allowed. This also includes chanting slogans that others might perceive to be discriminating. Such is to be determined at the discretion of the organizers. When someone breaks the rules, he/she will get a warning from the organization or from competent persons. If someone is repeatedly breaking the rules, he/she will be removed from the even without any right to a refund.

3) In case of a fight between two or more people, the involved people will be interfered by the organization. If the offenders will not leave the terrain voluntary, they will be handed over to the police.

4) Garbage needs to be deposited at the containers that are spread over the venue. Making garbage at the venue is not allowed and will be punished: when a participant is caught when making a mess, he will be charged 40 euros an hour of cleaning costs.

5) Whenever materials like couches, chairs, mattresses, tents, refrigerators and micro waves get left behind, we will charge you 40 euros an hour of cleaning costs plus the costs that we need to make when we deliver the waste.

6) Whenever it’s allowed to bring speakers to the event, they can only produce sound of an agreeable level. Speakers can only be used between 10 AM and 10 PM. Between 10 PM and 10 AM you need to use a headset. When breaking this rule, the participant will receive a warning. After a second warning the participant will be removed from the event without a refund.

7) Having a sponsor of your own, organizing sponsored competitions and promoting your sponsor by using flags/banners/projection is forbidden. When having a sponsor, you have the possibility to introduce them to us for sponsoring of the event. After that it won’t be a problem for you to organize an activity or competition for this sponsor.

8) Handing out flyers on and around the venue is not permitted. It is forbidden by the police and the organization. When handing out flyers illegally is noted,  a penalty of 250 euros per flyer will follow.

9) Keeping surveys is only permitted after you’ve received a written approval from the organization.

10) Participants are forbidden to mess around with devices or cables from the organisation. They can always refer to the staff of the event.

F. Media

1) The organization is permitted to allow audio and video recordings. Persons in these recordings will not receive any compensation.

2) The organization isn’t responsible for promises made by third parties.

3) Audio and video recordings made at the event are only to be used for non-commercial purposes. Audio and video recordings made for commercial use will have to be approved by the organization.

4) The participant gives permission in advance to the organizers for publication of taken pictures, images and the like, in which the participant is visible during the event.

5). The organizer reserves the right to self-publish imagery that is made by a participant during the event, in any medium without mentioning the source or owner.

G. Prizes

1) The organization is permitted to change or reduce prizes, looking at competition registrations.

2) The winner must be present at the prize ceremony and be coöperative for video and photo purposes, which will be published on our website and social media. If this is not the case, your prize will be forfeited.

3) The person who receives prize money must be the same person who signed up for the competition.

4) Prize money must be claimed within thirty days after the event.

5) Prize money will be payed out in ninety days or less.

6) The earned prize money from a non independent player (team) can be taxed according to the Dutch loan tax.

H. Personal and contact information

1) Duh-Events can share personal and contact information with third party agents or service providers (including our affiliates acting in that capacity).

2) The personal data provided by the participant will be stored by the organizer in a file. By entering into the agreement, the participant grants authorisation to the organizer to hand the personal data over to third parties for sending information to the participant. The participant may at any time object to sending this information by sending us an e-mail. The participant authorizes usage of name and results.

Attachment for The-Party

Addition to General Regulations for all events organized by Duh-Events.

A. Noise

1) It is not permitted to bring speaker sets to The-Party, due to making too much noise.

B. Staying overnight

1) The participant can only stay the night at the places pointed out by the organization. Staying the night in the paths where the computers are is strictly forbidden. The participant can only make use of normal night equipment. No air beds for two people! Making use of tents and other abnormal night equipment is forbidden inside the location. Participants who break this rule will be removed from the event without a refund.

C. Sponsors
Rules apply for visitors who are sponsored by a certified company and who wish to express this. Logos and other recognizable imagery on teamapparel like shirts and caps is allowed. Using a projector for sponsors is prohibited. Teams/clans are allowed to place 1 roll-up (maximum dimensions of 2m2) per 20 bought tickets. This stacks with each batch of 20 bought tickets, but no less than 20 tickets. Use of materials like flags and posters is not allowed. Placing attributes next to or in your team’s row has to comply with the rules stated by the local fire department. If you want to make more use of advertising space than stated in this article, contact the organisation for possible sponsoring of the event.

D. Various

1) Participants are prohibited from bringing their own cooler-units or anything used for cooling foods to The-Party, with exception for medical needs and other necessities.

2) Alcoholic drinks or soda in glass bottles are not allowed to be stored on the tables at The-Party. Should you be seen carrying a crate or glass bottles, we will kindly ask you to store it somewhere else, take it off the table or pour it over in a plastic cup. Plastic bottles and tin cans are allowed. Other food items and products in glass are allowed depending on the situation (for example, a jar of peanut butter).

Attachment for CampZone

Addition to General Regulations for all events organized by Duh-Events.

A. Terrain

1) The terrain may only be entered and left via the official entrance and exit. Instructions of our personnel need to be followed. Both campers and caravans are allowed at the terrain. You need to share a caravan longer than 5 meters with someone else. When you place a tent with it, you need to share the caravan with three or four people. This is the same with tents of the same size.

2) The public transport law is applicable on both fields and the maximum speed is at a walking pace. The visitor’s terrain has a paved ring road where stopping is prohibited. When a participant has to (off)load, he/she has to park the car beside the road. Entrance to the terrain with a vehicle is only allowed at arrival and departure of the participant at CampZone during our opening hours. Offloading purchases is prohibited. Only under one condition is it allowed to park a vehicle on the visitor’s terrain: the vehicle is used and installed for working computer equipment. This vehicle may not be moved during the event; whenever a car leaves the terrain, it can’t enter again until the end of the event. These vehicles need to be reported to the organization to get a sticker to be put on the vehicle.

3) Parking your vehicle is for your own risk.

B. Participation

1) Every participant of the event must be able to identify with a valid passport or ID-card whenever the organization asks.

2) Visitors for a day need to check in at the entrance as well. They pay a lower price for their visit at CampZone, but they can’t bring their computer or laptop. Entrance personnel, security and organization is permitted to check this at any moment.

4) Whenever a participant is denied access to the terrain, whatever the reason, he or she won’t get a refund.

5) Shortly before the start of CampZone, you will receive a unique check-in code. You can activate this code from your home or you can activate it at the event. Participants younger than 18 years old need to activate the code at home, because their parents or guardian need to give authorization.

6) You can sell your unique check-in code at any time before the event starts, without an extra administration fee. However, you can only sell the check-in code when it isn’t activated. Activated check-in codes can’t be sold! Also, rented items such as tents, tables and chairs can’t be sold through.

7) When you leave CampZone at the end of the event, please tell your Field Admin. He will make sure you won’t leave behind any mess and he also can write you a notification if you find that necessary.

C. Behavior

1) Participants are forbidden to touch the equipment or cabling of the organization. They can always call in help from the Field Admin of that part of the field.

2) Bringing in your own consumptions is allowed when these are used for personal usage. When making use of the catering plaza, you can’t bring your own food or drinks.

3) Participants are allowed to have their sound level quite high. But there are some guidelines here. Between 22:00 and 10:00 silence is committed at the terrain. Speakers may be used only when the sound of them doesn’t reach the nearest tent. The organization uses samples taken at random to observe this rule. By repeated violation of this rule, seizure of the speakers or removal from the event without a refund will follow.

4) Every participant can use as much space as he/she wants. This arrangement will create the real CampZone atmosphere. We do however still have demands for the usage of square meters. We decided that seven square meters for one person is more than enough (including table, tent and sleeping place!). This is no determined limit, you surely can use some more if it is reasonable. Keep in mind that you will take the risk that you can be declined, be moved or be removed from the terrain. The organization always makes the final decision.

D. Various

1) Usage of aggregates is forbidden, to protect the equipment of participants and organization.

2) Participants that want to stay in materials that are not used as standard camping equipment are placed under the following rules. Before the event starts, the participant must have a written authorization from the organization if the materials are allowed on the terrain. Organization can reject without reason. The participant needs to bring his own plates, which the participant must use to create a subsurface. The participant is always responsible for ALL damage that comes with placement and taking away of the materials. The portable cabin or trailer needs to be placed on a place pointed out by the organization. Portable cabins and trailers can only be brought in between 10:00 and 18:00.

3) It’s allowed to bring your dog or other animals to the event as long as you walk it outside of the event. Animals have to be leashed at all times.

4) Any kind of pools are forbidden on the event. This because of the high risk of legionella infections.

5) Participants to the event will always take knowledge of certain precautions when there is a chance of a fire breakout with a certain activity they are doing. A barbecue is only allowed when a bucket filled with water or sand is located nearby. A fire extinguisher is permitted. Open fire or campfire is only allowed at the location specified by the organization.

Attachment for Barcraft

Addition to General Regulations for all events organized by Duh-Events.

A. Alcohol/Drugs

1) Alcoholic drinks will be sold at the event, you are not allowed to bring your own. Those may only be bought and consumed by people above the age of 18. A participant that causes nuisance because of alcoholic drinks will be removed from the event without payback of any entrance fee.

2) Sales of any kind of drugs is strictly forbidden. Everyone who violates this rule will be removed from the event without a refund and handed over to the local authorities.

B. Venue

1) Damage inflicted by the visitor to the venue or property of the organization will be retrieved from the culprit.

2) You should clear your own garbage from the venue. If this rule is violated we will charge you the cleaning costs.

C. Additional

1) Weapons in any form are highly forbidden. Everyone who violates this rule will be removed from the event.